Enisa Nikaj Biography, Net Worth, Age & Family

Enisa Nikaj Biography

Enisa Nikaj Biography, Net Worth, Age & Family

Enisa Nikaj, professionally known as Enisa, is a remarkable American singer and songwriter who has been making waves in the music industry since 2015. Born on March 5, 1996, in Brooklyn, New York, to Albanian parents originally from Tuzi, Montenegro, Enisa’s journey to stardom is a testament to her talent and determination.


Full Name: Enisa Nikaj
Stage Name: Enisa
Born: 5 March 1996 (age 27 years old)
Birth Place: Brooklyn, NY
State Of Origin: New York
Nationality: American
Occupation: Singer • Songwriter
Record Label: Brick Records LLC
Net Worth: $1 Million – $5 Million

Brooklyn Roots: Enisa’s Origin Story

Enisa’s family story is one of immigrants seeking a better life in the United States. Her father made the brave move to the U.S. from the former Yugoslavia at the age of 25, and her mother followed suit later on. Enisa is the middle child, with an older and a younger brother. While her brothers pursued basketball, Enisa found her passion in music, singing around the house from a very young age.

Enisa’s early education took place at PS 130 The Parkside elementary school, where she participated in theater and the school choir. Her talent and hard work led her to graduate as valedictorian. Her early experiences in school plays, such as playing Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” in the fourth grade, hinted at her future in the spotlight.

She continued her education at I.S. 259 William McKinley Junior High School and Edward R. Murrow High School, where she graduated in 2015. Interestingly, one of her schoolmates at the time was rapper Joey Badass, an artist who would also go on to make a name for himself.

After high school, Enisa took her academic pursuits to Brooklyn College, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration in May 2018. Her time in college not only broadened her horizons but also provided her with the skills and knowledge she would later apply in her music career. Enisa’s ability to play the piano and her internships at advertising agencies highlighted her diverse talents and interests.

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The Icons Who Shaped Enisa’s Sound

Enisa’s musical journey was profoundly influenced by a range of artists, including Amy Winehouse, Jay-Z, Usher, and Albanian musicians. Her eclectic taste in music drew inspiration from various genres and cultures, creating a unique blend that would come to define her style.

Among her musical inspirations, Adele and Amy Winehouse played a significant role in shaping her artistic path. Enisa’s soulful and powerful vocals echo the influences of these iconic artists. Her journey to stardom would soon begin with covers of some of their most famous songs.

The Path to Stardom: From Covers to Originals

In 2015, Enisa embarked on her music career by performing cover songs of well-known artists like David Guetta, Sia, Hozier, Justin Timberlake, and Adele. Her passion for music, combined with her exceptional talent, quickly garnered attention. These covers showcased her vocal prowess and ability to connect with her audience, even when interpreting songs made famous by top-tier artists.

It’s important to note that Enisa’s initial decision to focus on cover songs was not just a display of her musical abilities but also a strategic move. She believed that these covers would serve as a platform to showcase her talent and capture the attention of music producers or managers. Enisa’s covers started to gain traction online, and she quickly amassed a growing fanbase.

A Major Step: Joining Atlantic Records and Highbridge The Label

Enisa’s dedication to her craft and the power of her covers eventually led her to take the next significant step in her career. In 2019, she signed with Atlantic Records and Highbridge The Label, marking a pivotal moment in her musical journey. This move validated her talent and potential, providing her with the resources and support to take her career to the next level.

Enisa’s journey from uploading cover songs on YouTube to signing with major record labels serves as a testament to her resilience and the belief in her own abilities. She had demonstrated that she could achieve her dreams independently, and her signing with Atlantic Records and Highbridge The Label solidified her place in the industry.

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Notable Hits That Captivated Audiences

Enisa’s musical career continued to flourish with a series of breakout singles that captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Her debut single, “Burn This Bridge,” released in 2016, marked the beginning of her journey as an original artist. The song, accompanied by a compelling music video, resonated with listeners and introduced them to Enisa’s powerful and emotive vocals.

Another notable track, “Glory Days,” released in 2017, further solidified her presence in the music industry. This song would later find its way into the opening scene of the film “Miss Virginia” in 2019, expanding Enisa’s reach beyond the realm of music.

“Freedom,” released in 2017, continued to showcase her artistry, and she collaborated with renowned artists like G-Eazy and Joey Badass on “Ain’t a Damn Thing Change,” which was released in 2017 as well. These releases underscored her versatility as an artist and her ability to collaborate with some of the industry’s top talents.

Enisa’s Artistic Evolution in 2022

The year 2022 marked a significant milestone in Enisa’s career with the release of her debut EP, “Fake Love,” on February 18. This EP showcased her growth as an artist and her ability to craft compelling and emotionally charged music. Songs like “One Thing” and “Get That Money” from the EP received praise from fans and critics alike.

Enisa’s journey took an unexpected turn when she was announced as a contestant in the American Song Contest in March 2022, representing New York state. This was yet another opportunity for her to shine on a national stage and introduce her music to an even broader audience.

Enisa: A Multifaceted Artist

Beyond her flourishing music career, Enisa has also ventured into the world of fashion and modeling. She graced the cover of the annual 2014 edition of Prom Guide magazine, winning a $5,000 scholarship. Her unique style, described as “timeless and classic with a modern edge and a hint of Brooklyn attitude,” has made her a sought-after figure in the fashion industry.

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Enisa’s dedication to her craft extends to every aspect of her work. She not only sings but also takes an active role in video editing and production, often styling her own hair and makeup. Her commitment to creating visually stunning music videos further highlights her multifaceted talents.

A Catalog of Enisa’s Musical Journey

Enisa’s discography is a testament to her evolution as an artist. Her singles, including “Burn This Bridge,” “Glory Days,” “Freedom,” “Reunite,” and “Wait For Love,” have captured the hearts of her fans. Collaborations with artists like Davido on “Love Cycle (Remix)” and Rayvanny on “Number One (Remix)” have further expanded her reach.

Her debut EP, “Fake Love,” released in 2022, is a reflection of her growth and artistry. With each song, Enisa invites listeners into her world, sharing her emotions and experiences through her soulful and powerful voice.

Conclusion: Enisa Nikaj’s Bright Future

Enisa Nikaj’s journey from a young girl with a passion for music to a rising star signed with major record labels is an inspiring tale of talent, determination, and unwavering self-belief. Her ability to connect with audiences through her music and her captivating presence in the fashion world is a testament to her versatility.

As Enisa continues to evolve as an artist and expand her horizons, the future holds immense promise. Her dedication to her craft, her unique style, and her ability to create music that resonates deeply with her audience ensure that Enisa Nikaj’s star will continue to rise in the world of music and beyond. We eagerly await the chapters of her journey yet to unfold, confident that they will be nothing short of extraordinary.

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