Wolfgang Novogratz Biography, Wiki, Age & Height,

Wolfgang Novogratz Biography

Wolfgang Novogratz, a renowned American actor and model, has achieved remarkable success at a young age, showcasing his exceptional talent. Rising to prominence, he garnered widespread recognition for his role in “Sierra Burgess Is A Loser.” This pivotal role opened doors for him, leading to numerous opportunities in various series and films.

His latest endeavor, the film “Feel the Beat,” was recently released on Netflix in June 2020. This accomplishment serves as a testament to his growing presence in the entertainment industry and his ability to connect with audiences. Wolfgang’s work continues to be well-received by viewers, highlighting his skill and dedication to his craft.

Wolfgang Novogratz Wiki

Category Details
Profession Actor
Birthdate May 9, 1997
Age 24 Years
Birthplace USA
Height 1.91 m
Marital Status Unmarried
Relationship Single
Gender Male
Instagram @wolfgangnovogratz

Wolfgang Novogratz Biography

Wolfgang Novogratz, a prominent American actor, has carved a noteworthy path in the entertainment industry, leaving a mark with his compelling performances. While he has appeared in various roles, he is perhaps best recognized for his portrayal of Nick in the heartwarming film “Feel the Beat.” His talent shines through in every project, capturing the attention of audiences and critics alike.

In addition to “Feel the Beat,” Novogratz has showcased his acting prowess in several other noteworthy productions. The film “Sierra Burgess Is a Loser” (2018) introduced him to a broader audience, and his presence was also felt in the provocative movie “Assassination Nation” (2018) and the coming-of-age gem “The Half of It” (2020). These performances, as outlined on his IMDb profile, reflect his versatility as an actor.

Looking ahead, Wolfgang Novogratz is set to take on a new challenge in the upcoming film “Hush, Hush,” adding another exciting project to his growing repertoire. His commitment to his craft is evident not only in his on-screen presence but also in his appreciation for the collaborative nature of filmmaking.

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In an Instagram post, Novogratz praised the director of “Feel the Beat,” Elissa Down, sharing insights into their dynamic on set. He highlighted her collaborative spirit and boundless creativity, emphasizing a week-long rehearsal period where the cast worked on the script, delved into improvisation, and collectively discovered the backstory and relationships of their characters. This commitment to the craft, guided by Down’s vision, underscores the dedication of the entire team.


In 2017, the former ball player transitioned into the world of acting, marking his debut with the short film “Bucket,” directed by Julia Jones. Fueled by his unwavering dedication to his craft, he ventured into the realm of acting and swiftly garnered a diverse range of roles that showcased his versatility.

The pivotal point in his film career arrived with “The Last Summer” in 2019, a significant stride forward that propelled him into the spotlight. An equally notable milestone occurred in 2018, where he made a mark with roles such as in “Assassination Nation.” It was during this time that he portrayed Drew in the comedic masterpiece “Sierra Burgess Is a Loser,” an endeavor that truly endeared him to his audience and cemented his reputation.

More recently, Wolfgang assumed the character of Trig Carson in the successful Netflix film “The Half of It,” amplifying his stature as a sought-after talent. The year 2020 proved particularly triumphant for him, with his portrayal of Nick in the American family dance comedy-drama “Feel the Beat,” directed by Elissa Down and penned by Michael Armbruster. Wolfgang’s lead role captured the hearts of his viewers, earning praise and applause for his performance.

Wolfgang Novogratz Family

Wolfgang Novogratz’s family is rich with creativity and uniqueness. His father, Robert Novogratz, is a notable figure, and his mother, Cortney Novogratz, adds her own distinct flair to their household. Together, they create an environment that fosters artistic expression and innovation.

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The Novogratz family is blessed with a diverse array of siblings, each contributing their own vibrant personalities to the mix. Among his sisters are Holleder Novogratz and Major Novogratz, both undoubtedly adding their own vibrant presence to the family dynamic.

Wolfgang’s brothers are Bellamy Novogratz, Tallulah Novogratz, and Breaker Novogratz. This close-knit sibling circle likely shares not only a strong bond but also a mutual appreciation for the arts and a shared creative spirit.

Growing up in a family that clearly values individuality and self-expression, Wolfgang has been fortunate to have a nurturing environment that encourages him to pursue his passions, whether it’s his acting career or other creative endeavors.


  • Bucket (2017) – This short film marked Wolfgang Novogratz’s acting debut, directed by Julia Jones.
  • Assassination Nation (2018) – In this provocative film, Novogratz took on a role that contributed to his growing recognition.
  • Sierra Burgess Is a Loser (2018) – His portrayal of Drew in this romantic comedy-drama resonated with audiences, further establishing his presence in the industry.
  • The Last Summer (2019) – This film represented a significant step in his film career, showcasing his talent in a notable production.
  • The Half of It (2020) – Wolfgang Novogratz contributed to the success of this Netflix film, adding to his growing list of achievements.
  • Feel the Beat (2020) – Here, he had a lead role as Nick in this American family dance comedy-drama, directed by Elissa Down.

Physical Statistics

Wolfgang Novogratz, the rising star in the entertainment industry, boasts an impressive physical presence that matches his talent. Standing tall at 6 feet 3 inches (191 cm), he carries himself with a commanding aura. His well-proportioned physique, weighing in at 78 kilograms (171 lbs), reflects dedication to fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

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With a chest measuring 44 inches, Wolfgang exudes a robust and athletic appeal, while his 32-inch waist showcases a balanced and trim figure. His biceps, measuring 15 inches, speak of strength and vitality, enhancing his overall charismatic image.

His shoe size, a sizeable 11 (US), anchors him firmly as he strides confidently through life and across sets. His dark brown hair frames his face, adding to his youthful charm, while his expressive brown eyes seem to hold a world of stories, captivating those who encounter his gaze.


  • “Success in any field requires dedication, hard work, and a passion that drives you forward.”

  • “Acting allows me to step into different worlds, explore diverse characters, and share their stories.”

  • “The support of my family, friends, and fans fuels my determination to keep pushing boundaries.”

  • “Every role is a new opportunity to challenge myself, learn, and grow as an actor.”

  • “Stay true to your dreams, and never underestimate the power of perseverance.”


  1. Debut Impact: Wolfgang Novogratz made his acting debut in the short film “Bucket” in 2017, marking the beginning of his journey in the entertainment industry.
  2. Diverse Roles: He gained recognition for his roles in films like “Sierra Burgess Is a Loser,” “Assassination Nation,” “The Half of It,” and “Feel the Beat,” showcasing his versatility as an actor.
  3. Physical Attributes: Standing at an impressive 6 feet 3 inches (191 cm) with a well-built physique, his appearance complements his on-screen presence.
  4. Family: Wolfgang’s family background, including his parents and siblings, remains relatively private, reflecting a level of discretion common among many in the industry.
  5. Fashion Sense: Apart from his acting talent, Wolfgang has a good sense of style, which often comes to light in red carpet appearances and photo shoots.

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